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Thank you for your interest in volunteering for SRS. Volunteers are vital to our ongoing success and we rely on this help to ensure our rescue animals are well looked after. We have volunteers that focus on different areas and not all need to be dog facing activities. Once a volunteer has been accepted they will be trained appropriate to the activities they will be doing and we do expect that after the initial session volunteers will work with minimal supervision and complete the activities required within their volunteering session.

Please note we operate using ‘sessions’ which consist of 2-3 hours blocks of an individual’s time. To allow the rescue to plan and ensure we have adequate volunteers available we do request volunteers commit to an average of 4 sessions per month and these are scheduled at least a week in advance.

On site sessions will currently be at our principle site in the Newton Mearns area (outside of Glasgow)

The different types of sessions are as follows:

CORE session – daytime, on site including poop picking, kennel cleaning and water checks

SUPPORT sessions – other on site activities which may include any of the activities listed below as required by SRS at the time

SORT session – on site (or may be at home) sorting and preparing donations (day time or evening)

BARTER session – offsite (with on-site collection – requires transport) supporting with bartering deals made, collecting donations and may also include help with taking washing to the large wash centres.

EVENT sessions – preparing and running events such as car boot sales, table top sales etc

Please complete the volunteer application form  below to register your interest in volunteering for SRS


Volunteering Opportunities