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 Privacy Policy

What is a privacy policy?
A privacy policy lets you know what information is being collected, how it is being used and why.

Who are we?
Saving Romanian Strays are a small dog rescue based in Scotland. We are committed to protecting your privacy.

What information do we collect and how is it collected?
If you fill in one of our website forms to adopt or foster, we will collect basic information about you which includes your name, postal address, email address and telephone number, and then information on your home, lifestyle and experience with dogs.

If you fill in our website form to volunteer for us, to request more information or to rehome your dog, we will collect basic information about you which includes your name, postal address, email address and telephone number.

If you donate or make a payment to us via our website, we will collect basic information which includes your name and email address and our third party payment processors will collect your payment information.

What are cookies and how do we use them?
To help process credit card payments, we use cookies. These are small text files downloaded to your device.
When you visit our website, we use Google Analytics to log information and details of visitor behaviour. This doesn’t identify individuals, it just helps us to find out information like how many people have visited our website.

What do we do with your information?
We will only use your information to contact you regarding suitable dogs to foster or adopt, volunteering, rehoming your dog, or to advise you of our fundraising activities, news and updates . We will use your information to process any payments or orders you have made.

How long do we keep your information?
We will not keep any of your information longer than necessary. If you adopt a dog from us, we will keep your information on file for the life of the dog – you will need to advise us when your dog passes away and confirm you wish to have your information removed. If you rehome your dog via us, we will keep your information on file for the life of the dog in case we need to contact you regarding the dog’s history. If you foster or volunteer for us, will keep your information on file as long as you remain an active volunteer.

How do we share, store, protect and process your information?
We will not sell your personal information to others. Your information will be securely stored and access restricted. We will only pass your information to one of our trusted volunteers to carry out a home check, if one is required. Saving Romanian Starts volunteers will be asked to delete any personal information within 2 weeks of the homecheck unless you have specifically requested to keep in touch after your adoption (for advice or a follow up visit) in which case the homecheck will retain key contact information such as name, address, email and contact numbers. Where using the Animal Team Homecheck network we will follow their privacy policy (TBC). We will also provide name, address and contact information to any transport companies  (whether from country of origin or within the UK), transport volunteers, DEFRA (where a dog is coming to you from outside of the UK) and Petlog to transfer microchip details into your name. On your agreement your contact information may also be provided to foster families to allow discussion about potential dogs for adoption.

If you enquire about a dog or adopted then returned a dog we will retain the information you have provided to us plus any email correspondence in case of any future applications unless you advise us by email that you wish information to be deleted. In which case we will continue to retain name, address and summary of your history with SRS.

We may use service providers who provide IT and system administration services to process and store data, such as web hosting, email services and database storage. These providers are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and based in the EEA, in countries recognised as providing adequate data protection by The European Commission or are in the US but are part of the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework.

What are your rights?
In accordance with UK and European law under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) you have the right to view, amend or delete any of the personal information that we hold about you.

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Dogs with mobility issues

SRS have also been supported with harnesses and slings for our less able dogs by Quinceys Dogs who manufacture mobility products for dogs. They also have some great information on supporting your dog through operations and arthritis so check out their links below for more information:

Quincys not only sells amazing products for owners of old or injured dogs, but also a heart warming story behind how the company first formed.

The company is aptly named after the owners three-legged Newfoundland dog – Quincy. Quincy lost his leg through contracting MRSA at the age of two and as he grew older, the owner desperately wanted to help him stay mobile.

Sadly, at the time, there just wasn’t any suitable products within the marketplace good enough that took into account major points such as; pressure points; weight distribution; comfort for the dog etc., and combined all these into the one....So, the owner took it on himself to set about finding a design company who could help him produce the perfect products for his dog. Once produced, they worked wonders for his dog.

He then wondered if these could help others and as he was a canine hydrotherapist at the time, he had plenty of dog customers who were willing to test the products. The harnesses worked wonders and this is how the company originated. Nowadays the products are bought worldwide for a variety of reasons, ranging from canine arthritis, cruciate ligament injuries to simply the older dog. Quincy, peacefully died at the ripe age of 13.

One of our top selling products is our GenX harness. Not only does the GenX harness give your dog back leg or front leg support on walks, it also provides the perfect level of support to assist your dog getting in and out of the car and walking up the stairs. It’s so versatile, it’s even been used as a training tool by dog trainers and vets love the product because it helps to avoid so many back injuries to their staff.

Here is a link to a video for the GenX harness:

Here is a link to some of their useful info:


Here are some useful links for your Information:

Help for the over 60s with affording a pet:

Going Raw:

SRS is Supported By:



At the time of adoption, there is a donation expected to be paid for each pet. This goes towards the ever growing vet and transport / foster costs and is not a payment for, nor a purchase of the adopted pet. Adoption fees are non-refundable  and is payable on the day of the adoption OR in advance of Pet travel.

The need for insurance is essential as the rescue will not be held responsible for vet’s bills (unless otherwise agreed in exceptional circumstances).

We generally do NOT home dogs where they will be loving outside except in exceptional circumstances.

We do not re-home dogs to be used for guarding, breeding or anything other than as a family pet.

We do not place dogs in a family home where they will be left for longer than 4/5 hours a day at any one time. We will accept homes where a dog walker or alternative arrangements can be made.

The new owner must agree to have the pet either neutered or spayed within 3 months if the pet, for medical or age reasons has not been neutered or spayed yet, at the new owners expense (unless otherwise agreed with the rescue).

New owners must also agree that we can keep in touch for the rest of the pets life. A follow up visit may be arranged.

New owners are not allowed to re-home the pet themselves; the pet must come back to Saving Romanian Strays.

New owners must advise us immediately of any change in circumstances which would mean that the pet is not getting the attention etc, that the pet deserves.

We cannot reserve nor guarantee that the dog applied for will always be available. This is due to multiple applications made for each animal. We do multiple concurrent homechecks for each dog to ensure that if an application falls through, another home is ready instead if having to start over.

If everything goes well at the Home Check and you are able to adopt a pet through our Rescue, you must be made aware that you cannot at any time part with that pet for any reason, unless he/she comes back to our Rescue.