Dog rescue work is costly. Getting food and treatment to the dogs most in need, arranging the health checks and vaccinations before they travel, transport costs to the UK etc. We can't do it without people like you and your donations of time and money. We have lots of fundraising schemes to take part in - facebook auctions, a monthly lottery and pledges to help each dog make it to its new forever home in the UK.

We also need volunteers to help with transporting dogs to new homes and with homechecks. If you think you can help please get in touch.


Out of thousands of dogs only a few will be plucked to safety by rescue groups like Saving Romanian Strays.  Once we have found a foster home for a dog, or someone to adopt a dog, the wheels are set in motion to raise funds to  transport it to the UK. They are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, checked by a vet and given a passport to travel. Fosterers are given full support from SRS until a permanent home is found. We are always looking for new fosterers to join the dog rescue work and get these dogs out of the shelters, off the streets and ready to be adopted.  If you want to know how to help us rescue a dog then contact us.


There are thousands of dogs on the streets because of the political history and the country's refusal to neuter and spay dogs. Many die on the streets beaten, poisoned, starved and subject to horrific attacks by humans who believe they are vermin. If they are rounded up by the authorities they end up in  brutal public shelters, where there is little food, comfort or warmth, no veterinary aid and many are left to die from injuries or sickness.  These dogs have been through hell before being rescued. After two weeks they are usually killed, painful lethal injections into the heart. There is no government support for rescue centers and  no official re-homing centers. That's where we come in.

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Welcome to Saving Romanian Strays Website. We are so glad you found us! 

Officially founded in 2014 our rescue began before this with one special lady supporting rescues in Romania and re-homing dogs one by one. Now we rescue and re-home around 150-200 dogs (and a few cats) a year. Most of our dogs come from Romania but we also help some UK dogs who have found themselves with no-one and are at risk of being put to sleep. We also support spay and neuter campaigns in Romania as well as sending food and donations to dog rescue centers who get no governmental support. On the side we also send out donations to children and families in need as poverty is rife in Romania. But our principle aim is to support finding homes for these amazing dogs. If you would like to help - read on!