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Bertie ..Saving Romanian Strays rescued this dog from the Romanian shelter this summer  Vets in the UK amputated one of his back legs that had been injured in the past. But he is recovering well and it only took a few weeks before he found a loving, new home.

Some of the Saving Romanian Strays rescue dogs from Romania now happily settled in their UK homes. Much thanks to all those who help to save, foster and adopt a rescue dog from Romania....and all those who help to fundraise, home check, transport and make it possible to give them a chance to be safe and loved.

Rosie..rescued from a public shelter in Romania in 2013...her face had been deliberately cut off. Saving Romanian Strays got her to the UK where she underwent facial reconstruction surgery and is now living happily..and Plymouth.

Gigi,.a rescue dog from Romania who arrived June 2015 and taken by one of the fosterers who regularly helps Saving Romanian Strays. Within a few weeks she was adopted.....pictured with her new family.

Monty..pictured in Romania with severe skin problems which after a few weeks of treatment, bathing and care are now beginning to heal and he is starting to get hairy legs!  The kind people who adopted Beau, below, saw Monty at the same time and fell in love with him the two have been rehomed together.

Colin  was found wondering the streets of Valcea with his front feet missing. They had been deliberately chopped off. He had only bones protruding from rotting flesh but he was stumbling his way through the streets in an effort to survive.  He is now living a happy life with the founder of Saving Romanian Strays, Claire Revis. His story inspired many of the other happy endings that have since followed..


Chance was a lucky boy - when we posted him on the Saving Romanian Strays facebook page  a wonderful family in Kent came forward and offered him a home straight away. Now he has a home with a family in Kent and has settled in with no problems at all...and at last there is sparkle back in his eyes.