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Breed: crossbreed

Gender: Female

Age: 3+

Size: Medium

Good with dogs: Yes

Good with cats: Yes

Good with children: Yes - older children

History: Minnie is a lovable 3 year old medium sized girl who is looking for a new home. She is currently in Cheshire. Minnie is always looking for fuss and love and will happily sit and have cuddles. She walks well on the lead and comes when called. She will sit on command. She does have a tendency to bark especially when someone goes past the house. She isn't food aggressive but will try to steal food off your plate or out of your hand if given a chance. She gets on well with children once she gets to know them but is nervous around men and will bark at them. She is ok with cats to a point but will chase them if the chance arises. She is great with other dogs once introduced and happily to walk with other dogs around. Minnie is looking for an experienced family with older children who will continue with her training and keeping her mentally and physically stimulated. Dog experience is required.

Breed: Mixed
Gender: Male
Age: 7 years old
Size: Medium with very short legs
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats: TBC
Good with children: No 

Henry came into our rescue after a disastrous first week in the UK that saw him unwanted by his first adopter, lost on the way home by his second adopter and then after being caught by the dog warden lost again by the police from their kennels ... All this within 7 days of him arriving here  [😢]

SRS paid £400 to have him bought to Scotland from Eastbourne, to try to make up for how badly he had been let down by his original rescue and Henry seems to be very appreciative of this.

Henry has been an absolute sweetheart since he arrived and happily accepted his new collar and walks nicely on a slip lead. He is clean in the house, crate trained and has no objections to being lifted up (which is more than I can say for my back, as he’s quite weighty  [😝] ). He is also fine with all the dogs he mixes with here.

Henry was moved out of his original adopters home because he’d growled at the grandchild (I would strongly suspect that the child had not been behaving appropriately around a dog that had just got off transport from Romania) ,but because of this reported behaviour we are looking for an adult only, child free home.

Henry is not used to living in the city and as such we would be looking for a rural or semi rural home for him, but because he walks so well on a lead he could live in a flat or apartment without direct garden access. He will quite happily go up and downstairs too.

Dogs In the UK who need Homes

Breed: cross-breed
Good with dogs: 
Yes but can be reactive on lead
Good with cats:
Good with children:
Tasha is a lovely but nervous girl who has developed a good relationship with her foster parents. She can be wary of strangers, in particular men. Tasha would prefer a quieter child free home. Tasha has been living in foster with another dog, this has proven to be really helpful to Tasha and she takes a lot of reassurance from him and is unsettled at home if he is not there so Tasha was benefit from having another dog in the house to continue to boost her confidence. Once Tasha has began to trust you she is a delight to have around and will want to follow you around all day. Tasha walks generally well on a lead but is however reactive to others dogs and at times other people if she feels they are too close to her. We feel Tasha would do best in a quiet/rural area, potentially with private land as she loves to run around! Tasha copes well in the house alone as long as the other dog is there. Tasha is incredibly affectionate and loving and will make the perfect companion. We have had her in foster for over a year, I love having her with us but I do feel there is a perfect home out there for her.

All dog transport from Romania to the UK is regulated by DEFRA and therefore all the necessary checks have been completed. 



Breed: crossbreed
Gender: Male
Age: Born 01 May 2020
Size: Medium
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Not yet cat tested
Good with children: Yes - older children only

Ollie has been in 5 homes in the 7 months he had been in the UK before his good luck bought him to SRS . We took Ollie after seeing an appeal for emergency Rescue Back Up for him as he was having to leave his foster home because of an alleged aggression incident and the rescue that had bought him to the UK had nowhere for him to go.

I can say hand on heart that this dog does not have a bad bone in his body and if he has ever bitten anyone it will be because he was pushed to the point that he was so scared/unhappy/frightened that he did not know what else to do, as in the time he has been here, he has been nothing other than perfect 

He loves every volunteer that walks through the gates and runs for cuddles from even complete strangers. He allows you to lift him, put a collar and harness on him and has even had his toenails clipped ... All of which he happily accepted and my only fear of him has been of being linked to death.

Ollie is clean in the house, crate trained, lead trained and really is 100% perfect, but sadly because there has been an unproven incident of aggression we will only re-home him into a child free home, which is an absolute shame as I’m pretty sure he would love to run round playing with children.

Because poor Ollie has been passed about so much in his short life we are looking for a 110% perfect home for him. He seems to be thriving living out in the country, so would prefer a rural or semi rural location as opposed to a town, with direct access to a secure garden and adopters who will love the very bones of him.

Breed: crossbreed

Gender: Female

Age: Feb 2014

Size: Medium

Good with dogs: Yes

Good with cats: Not yet cat tested

Good with children: Yes - older children only

History: Born Feb 2014 Lady came to the UK over 18 months ago along with her sister Bella and as the two girls had lived together in the shelter in RO all their lives, we decided to make it our mission to rehome them both together. As both dogs were quite different in size and personality this proved quite difficult, but finally they got the perfect home offer and away they went. Unfortunately things didn’t work out for them as a pair and the lady who adopted them could not cope with their behaviors, so it was decided that she would return Lady, but not until we found her another home to go straight into. This happened fairly quickly as we had recently rehomed an older lady who was again perfect for her. Lady settled into life there very quickly and was the perfect dog, but unfortunately she managed to slip past a visitor one day and escaped. Lady was a dog known for her Houdini tricks and although she did not go far and was caught very quickly, it was decided that she would come back into rescue as the adopter was worried that if it ever happened again the outcome may not be so favorable. So several months down the line Lady is still in rescue and we simply cannot understand why as she really is the most perfect and beautiful of dogs. She is coming up seven years old, tall medium in size (like a rough collie), she walks on a lead, is clean in the house, is crate trained, loves people and is great with other dog’s  [❤️]  The only downside to her is that she is an opportunist escapee and there is not a door, gate or lock she cannot open, so whoever is lucky enough to adopt her needs to be extra vigilant with security.

Lady likes nothing more than being loved and will lay for hours having tummy rubs and letting you bring her stunning coat. She also loves going to the groomers and having a wash and blow dry  [😋]

Lady would fit into many homes, but ideally we would be looking for an active home with a nice secure garden and no younger children. Lady would be fine around respectful visiting children, but we feel that at her age in life she is entitled to a quieter pace of life and deserves to be the centre of attention. That said, she is by no means over the hill and will require lots of exercise and can walk for miles and miles and loves to do so.

All dogs travelling from outside the UK are transported according to DEFRA regulations and are checked on arrival to the UK. All required vaccinations etc  will be completed piror to travel..

Breed: Husky/lab cross

Gender: Male

Age: 3 years old

Size: Medium

Good with dogs: Yes

Good with cats: No

Good with children: No due to nervousness

History: Hector was rescued as a pup and rehomed but through no fault of his own has been returned. His owners had one or two problems with their neighbours and one of these incidents had a severe effect on the little fella that they have not been able to overcome so it was decided it would be better for him to come back to the fold. I must say I am delighted how quickly he has settled in and so happy to see him so happy again. He has palled-up with Elsa (was Mo) and the two are having a blast. I would dearly like to get him back out into a home of his own again ASAP but do strongly feel that he needs to live with at least one other lively playful dog. Hector is neutered and vaccinated. He is quite nervous of strangers (for about 2 minutes) but once your friend he is just a bundle of joy. He walks well in a lead but it was reported back from his past adopters that he was quite nervous around busy traffic so we would be looking for either a nice quiet country location or someone who would be happy to help him work though his fears. Hector looks very Labrador-cross-Huskyish and has the most amazing curly tail!

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Breed: crossbreed

Gender: Female

Age: Aug 2014

Size: Medium

Good with dogs: Yes

Good with cats: Not yet cat tested

Good with children: No as she needs a quieter home

History: Meet Granny (Real name Emma), I have no idea why she’s called Granny as she’s only seven and a half, but the name seems to have stuck and she answers it, so Granny it is  [😋]

Granny comes from Macedonia where she lived a terrible life until she was rescued by some lovely ladies we work with out there. She was taken off the streets and given the love and care she needed and when she was ready to travel came to our rescue in Scotland.

Granny is just the most perfect dog EVER and we really cannot understand why she’s not been snapped up as she’s been with us over 6 months now ... She is slightly bigger than your average dog, but not enormous and a lot of her size is her fabulous thick coat.

She is clean in the house, walks nicely on a lead and lives quite happily alongside all the other dogs we have here and just keeps herself to herself and is never a minutes bother.

Home wise we see Granny in an adult only home as we think the coming and goings of a busy family would not be for her as she likes a quiet life. She likes to lay out in the sunshine (when we have any), so a home with a nice garden would be a must.

Granny would be more suited to a rural home away from the hustle and bustle of busy streets and as much as she’s never going to be bagging herself any Munro’s she does like a decent walk.

Granny is fully vaccinated, microchipped, has her own passport and is in perfect health, but only has sight in one eye. She does have two eyes, but the vet doesn’t think one of them works very well, but she manages just fine.