The main message is we are here to support you and if you have ANY problems no matter how minor they may seem just shout!

A HUGE thank you all on behalf of SRS for adopting one of our lovely dogs.

Good luck and please keep us updated on your pets progress. WE LOVE PICTURES and you can also post on our community page on facebook – feel free to join up .

Contract - Please complete and return one copy to SRS at the address provided to you in your welcome email

Pet Passport – This document will help you to understand the information contained within your pet passport. You may want to take this with you when you get your dog registered at the vets. It will help clarify the vaccinations received etc. If you have any questions (or your vet does) please get in touch as we can support.

PETLOG We will update all of your information on PetLog. It can take around 3 weeks for them to process so please look out for an email which you will need to click on a link to confirm your details. In the meantime ensure that your dog has a collar with ID and phone number just in case they escape. If you have already updated PetLog OR have already received your PETLOG confirmation as I have done some of your dogs already please let us know.


Adoption Documentation

Additional information – We have taken useful information from multiple resources to pull together one document which we hope you will find useful. It covers many aspects of dog ownership including foods to avoid, behaviour etc etc. Links to the original sources can also be found in the attached.

Welcome to our page specifically for SRS adopters. We are so very grateful that you have decided to help an SRS dog and this page contains important information you will need to read following approval to adopt an SRS Dog.

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Dogs and Children – We attach some posters (information on original developers can be found in the attached) which you may find useful to print out if your dog will be around children.

General SRS Information form - please read before receiving your dog

Training plan – we ask that you follow this as it will help your dog settle and also address any behaviour problems. We do have a behaviourist who can support but this training plan really does work if followed consistently.