About Us

The Team

Saving Romanian Strays is a UK-based not for profit organisation which was founded by Claire Revis. Claire is supported by a small team of admin volunteers and experienced rescuers and volunteers in Romania and the UK. 

Claire runs a shelter in the UK near Glasgow and we also have a primary foster home in Romania where our rescued dogs can be assessed and receive any veterinary care before they travel. Here they provide food, kennel space, veterinary treatment and a warm, safe environment for our dogs until they can be adopted. 

So far we have rescued over 1500 dogs and continue to save as many as we can with very little funding.

​Why do we rescue Romanian dogs?

There are thousands of dogs on the streets because of the political history and the country's refusal to neuter and spay dogs. Many die on the streets beaten, poisoned, starved and subject to horrific attacks by humans who believe they are vermin. If they are rounded up by the authorities they end up in brutal public shelters, where there is little food, comfort or warmth, no veterinary aid and many are left to die from injuries or sickness.  These dogs have been through hell before being rescued. After two weeks they are usually killed, painful lethal injections into the heart. There is no government support for rescue centers and  no official re-homing centers.

That's where SRS come in!

​Rescue and Adopt

Out of thousands of dogs only a few will be plucked to safety by rescue groups like Saving Romanian Strays.  Once we have found someone to adopt a dog, the wheels are set in motion to raise funds to  transport it to the UK. They are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, checked by a vet and given a passport to travel. 

The dogs then travel to the UK on the "happy bus" where they either go to our shelter near Glasgow or straight to their new families. 

If you want to know how to help us rescue a dog then contact us.

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