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Meet Gruffy the gorgeous!


Extra-Special Dogs in Need of Homes!

Meet beautiful, smiley Athos

Claire Says: "Athos is a beautiful funny boy who we believe to be about 6-7 years old. He was found by one of the rescuers we work with in a public shelter in Romania in a truly shocking state and suffering from severe dermodex and mange. After lots of love and care by the vets & rescuers his transformation began! If you look at him now you would never believe that he could ever have looked in such a sorry state. Once Athos knows you his personality starts to shine though and he is just the sweetest boy ever. He loves to play with all the other dogs and also loves a bit of me time with his human too. Athos lived with very young children after his treatment had been completed and he was waiting to travel to the UK and we would be happy for him to live in a home with younger children providing they were dog savvy." 

We are so glad you found us! 

Founded in 2014 our rescue began before this with one special lady supporting rescues in Romania and re-homing dogs one by one. 

Now we rescue and re-home around 150-200 dogs (and a few cats) a year. Most of our dogs come from Romania but we also help some UK dogs who have found themselves with no-one and are at risk of being put to sleep. We rescue and re-home a huge variety of dogs from teeny puppies to large dogs.  

We also support spay and neuter campaigns in Romania as well as sending food and donations to dog rescue centers who get no governmental support. On the side we also send out donations to children and families in need as poverty is rife in Romania. But our principle aim is to support finding homes for these amazing dogs.

Can you offer one of our lovely dogs a forever home?

Claire says: "Gruffy is about 6 years old and is a small medium or a large small depending how you want to look at it. He is a quiet, happy boy who always has a tail wag for you. He came to our rescue when his original adopter (through another rescue) thought he was unhappy.He is apparently quite nervous on a lead and I think the guy lived in quiet an urban area. He will need a caring owner who is willing to give him time to adjust and I am sure he will be an amazing little dog in no time at all as he has come out of his shell so much in the short time he has been here.."